Immortals: Rise of the Aloheim

Work in Progress

Luna and her family crash landed
Ceras family got evicted
Alexander got stranded
huge amounts of bullshit is going down

Chronologically list in bullets the stuff that happened in the session

The Story so Far

It has been 143 years since the cataclysmic event known as: The Merging. The Prime Dimensions have slipped out of alignment and fallen into chaos. They now overlay one another; fusing and warping together in places were the barriers of each reality are thin. Entire cities vanish, only for strange, alien cities to reappear where they once resided. Rulers disappear from their thrones as the realms tremble in torment and the Earth writhes in agony. Now, more than ever, the people are flocking to their Faiths; relying on Religious Orders to maintain peace and law. Beset by ever increasing numbers of hostilities, and a world quickly becoming unrecognizable, the devout can only beseech their gods for guidance and strength. Unfortunately for those cursed to live in these times, the gods are busy. . .

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